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NetPD Integrated Police Management System Focus on police work not paper work

The NetPD system is a full featured police management system which consists of a Computer Aided Dispatching Module, a Records Management Module, and a Mobile Module that can all be integrated together or be run as stand lone modules. The Software was designed and developed specifically to meet the needs of a typical police department. It as been enhanced over the years with specific recommendation from our NetPD User’s Group to ensure that it evolves as the business of police management has evolves. We can also customize the application to meet the specific needs of any police department. Our system offers a comprehensive CAD, Records Management and Mobile solution that is reliable, scalable and affordable. Contact us to see what NetPD can do for your agency.

Features Include:

Records Management System

Our NetPD Records Management module allows you to break through the “Paper Barrier” and not only create real-time records, but also store and retrieve them in a secure, timely manner all while maintaining data integrity.

Computer Aided Dispatch

Our NetPD CAD module provides a real-time interface with multi-user capability for dispatchers to log incoming calls and manage available police resources. It maintains status information for all units, letting you  choose which data to display.

NetPD Mobile

Our NetPD Mobile Solution keeps you connected to your CAD and RMS when you are out in the field. It provides secure access to your CAD and RMS data and integrates with your vehicle’s existing Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) and wireless connection.

Why Choose Us?

about NetPD Our NetPD system offers a comprehensive CAD (Computer Aided Dispatching), Records Management as well as Mobile solution that is reliable, scalable and affordable. We can provide a fully customized solution to meet the specific needs of your agency. We can also augment your IT staff to provide services such as Networking, Managed Services and Disaster Recovery services. Our other services include Application Design and Development, Network Administration, Help Desk Support, User Training and Maintenance. Contact us to see what NetPD can do for your agency.

Our Partner

NetPD 2.0 Supports Oracle database 11g R2, Oracle Weblogic Server 11g R1, Oracle Linux 5.5, Oracle Exadata database machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and Oracle VM 3.0.